Sunday, 25 November 2012

25/11 Trent

Not many places left fishable due to the high river levels. I found one swim just OK. Fishable but no fish. In that respect, no different to how its been almost every other time Ive been here...A dog walker did warn me that I should move due to the rising river level. I had plenty of space though.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

20/11 Trent

1st choice of swim not practical due to wind and rain direction, ended up in an old favourite round the corner. A good afternoon perching, 5 over 2lb - I weighed the biggest 2 at 2lb 14 and 3lb 1oz. Only managed to photo the 1st one before the camera packed up though...

I had 2 zander, 9lb 2oz and a small one. Missed a few runs as well including 2 due to striking with the baitrunner on. Once would be bad enough but to do it twice is a bit retarded.

It got a bit quiter later on so I cast one rod a bit further out where I missed one take (one of the baitrunner errors). Recast and not long later had a fish on again. Expecting a small zander I was surprised to see it was a perch, 2lb 13oz. It had been properly dark for about 3 hours - 7.45pm. Ive had a couple of perch before on deadbaits but never at that time of night...

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13/11 Trent

Quiet and bored at work so took the afternoon off and headed to the river armed with 5 rods, maggots, worms and deadbaits. Floatfishing awkward due to the flow and gave up after an hour or so to concentrate on 2 quiver tips. Lost a fish and caught a perch about 2lb and a bream.
The perch was followed in by a pike, I waited a while but as my right hand quiver hadnt seen a bite I swapped this for a deadbait. 1 bite, felt a fish then a snag. Retrieved all tackle. Cast to the same spot and the same thing happened. Cast to slightly different area and 3rd time lucky, landed this 15lb 7oz pike.

Moved swims at dusk and put 2 deadbaits out. 2 zander, not particularly big at about 4 or 5lbs. Hook up ratio not bad - 2 out of 3. All 5 rods used...

Saturday, 10 November 2012

10/11 Trent

2 of us fishing 2 rods, various baits failed to register a bite...a familiar tale on this stretch, think Ive fished it 6 times now for a 9lb barbel and a small carp. Sure theres some big fish here so cant give up just yet...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

07/11 Trent

A pleasant afternoon/ evenings fishing on the Trent...glad I waited the extra day for the weather to get a bit milder.
Started with a small perch on 1/2 a roach deadbait. the other half was took by something a bit bigger in the shape of a 19lb pike

I managed a decent perch on a more conventional bait of lobworm a bit later 2lb 10oz, before my predator hat-trick was completed with a 8lb 10oz zander

Didnt catch anything more, tried moving swims but quite content with my evenings fishing...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

01/11 Trent

We had quite a bit of rain here in Derby Wednesday night, I hoped this had reached the Trent by Thursady evening so I raced down after work...but it was still at a normal level. I did get a small carp, a long skinny one, saved a blank at least (only about 5lb!). The river did rise later on in the evening looking at the environment agency website, I think I was just a bit too early.