Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13/11 Trent

Quiet and bored at work so took the afternoon off and headed to the river armed with 5 rods, maggots, worms and deadbaits. Floatfishing awkward due to the flow and gave up after an hour or so to concentrate on 2 quiver tips. Lost a fish and caught a perch about 2lb and a bream.
The perch was followed in by a pike, I waited a while but as my right hand quiver hadnt seen a bite I swapped this for a deadbait. 1 bite, felt a fish then a snag. Retrieved all tackle. Cast to the same spot and the same thing happened. Cast to slightly different area and 3rd time lucky, landed this 15lb 7oz pike.

Moved swims at dusk and put 2 deadbaits out. 2 zander, not particularly big at about 4 or 5lbs. Hook up ratio not bad - 2 out of 3. All 5 rods used...